One Love Organics is a natural skincare company created by skilled cosmetic artisans. All of One Love Organics products are hand-made and hand-filled, using the highest grade of ethically sourced raw materials to make up their natural and organic skincare formulas. One Love Organics trusts in the healing power of plants and believe in the power of the beauty ritual to renew, relax and transform One Love Organics declare that love is the greatest, most powerful force on earth.

One Love Organics philosophy is focused on providing a few supreme products for your skin, not filing your shelves with unnecessary potions! One Love Organics gives skin what it needs, using the finest ingredients that provide direct benefits. The gentle formulations can be used for everyone in the family, from newborn babies to the greatest of Grandmas! One Love Organics support use of fair trade ingredients and are accredited by Peta. Made in the USA.