incognito spray is a strong mosquito repellent that is clinically proven to provide 100% protection against any mosquito. incognito mosquito repellent spray is stronger than any Deet product, and if used correctly, it is highly likely you will avoid mosquito bites! It has taken over 10 years to develop, is a totally natural insect repellent, and is manufactured entirely in the UK. Certified as 100% natural and completely free of Deet, Paraban, GMO, SLS's and are not tested or derived from any animal.
The new improved bottles with the red circle on the front now offer 100% protection against all mosquitoes.They contain a powerful new repellent which means that incognito now repels as well as camouflages. You will be relieved to hear that despite this major difference, incognito is still 100% natural and still kind to our planet. The new formulation has a different aroma from the original formula, its less citrusy and more earthy, which is still a lot better than any synthetic insect repellent!
£9.95 100 ml