Reiki & Seichem

Reiki & Seichem are considered perfectly balanced system of treatment for relaxation and total well-being, bringing calmness and tranquility into hectic daily schedules, and providing the "top-up" we need in order to help our bodies work at their maximum potential. Think of it as a workout for the mind, body and soul!

Reiki and Seichem are ancient healing systems, which involve the transference of concentrated and natural healing energy. Reiki (pronounced ray-key), is part of the fuller and more powerful system of Seichem (pronounced sey-keem).

Receiving a Reiki and Seichem treatment is a deeply holistic healing experience. It treats the mind, body and spirit connection. Our current state of health is a reflection of how energy is flowing within our body. If we are feeling below par or have an illness or disease, energy flow is hindered or decreased. Reiki and Seichem Healing works to strengthen the body’s energy levels and restore the natural immune system: harmonising the body and mind.
As long as something is alive, it has life force; when it dies, this energy departs. If your life energy is low, or if there is a restriction in its flow, you are more vulnerable to illness. When it is high and flowing freely, you are less likely to get sick.

How does a Reiki & Seichem treatment work?

In a session, the practitioner places their hands on the client with the intention to send healing. The Reiki & Seichem energy begins to flow automatically. The energy (because of its universal consciousness) will communicate with the client's inner life force (Qi) and find any blockages. The client is encouraged to relax and enjoy the soothing, warm sensation of energy flowing through them.

The Reiki & Seichem energy flows into the body through the chakras. These are 7 main energy centres within the body that regulate the flow of Qi and take in the universal life force energy and transform it into subtle energy. They radiate the Qi outwards and around the system through meridian pathways which carry the healing to other parts of the body. When the energy finds a blockage, it clears it.

When should I try Reiki & Seichem?

Most can be helped by using Reiki & Seichem. The treatment works well as a stand-alone session, but is also excellent when combined with complementary therapies such as acupuncture and nutritional therapy for example. Reiki & Seichem may aid relief of symptoms for a variety of illnesses:

  • Tension and stress
  • Headaches/ migraines
  • Period pains
  • Muscle pain/ cramps/ MS
  • Arthritis
  • Digestive disorders/ IBS
  • Insomnia
  • Fibroids
  • Morning sickness

What happens during a Reiki & Seichem Session?

The client lays down on a massage bed fully clothed. The practitioner then place their hands on or above different parts of the body. The practitioner uses their intuition and is guided by the universal energy to move their hands to where needed during the session. The session will often finish on the head or feet in order to ground the patient and bring them gently back to wakefulness.

During the session, most clients fall asleep, or enter into a deep relaxation. Most people report that they feel heat emanating from the practitioner's hands; with some saying they see colours corresponding to the various hand positions. It may also be felt as a cold sensation too. The client receives whatever their body needs; i.e. if the body needs recuperating rest, it will feel calm and restful after a session. If the body needs energy and a vitality boost, then the client will emerge from a session revived and refreshed. The energy knows best.

Prices and Bookings

Your first Reiki appointment is one hour long. Follow-ups are 45 mins.

  • Initial 60mins - £65.00
  • Follow Up 45mins - £50.00
  • 6 sessions x 45mins - £ 250.00

Appointments are available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Our Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is available in central London at Content and is practiced by Laura Jones BSc MBAcC.

Laura ia a holistic therapies practitioner practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Facial Acupuncture and Reiki & Seichem.

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Please phone 020 3075 1006 to book.