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THE OFFER: Free Wellbeing Book with PluShinz O-3 Anti-Ageing Complex

January 8th, 2014 § 0 Bookmark and Share

PluShinzO-3-+-BOOK--webTo get you off to a flying start this year, our January offer is all about boosting your health and wellbeing. Simply order the MINAMI NUTRITION Plushniz O-3 Anti-Ageing Complex supplement during January and we’ll add a FREE copy of cult book ‘Healthy on the Inside, Beautiful on the Outside’ by Jack Wyckmans to your order at dispatch.

The Product: The MINAMI NUTRITION PluShinzO-3 is a powerful anti-ageing complex, in one a day capsule. It is designed to support heart, skin, joints and the immune system.

Cleverly inspired by Japanese and Mediterranean diets, each capsule contains powerful anti-oxidants such as: tocotrienols, folic acid, pycnogenol and resveratrol (from red wine). The co-enzyme Q10 helps maintain the health of your cells and tissues, as they mop up the free radicals. It is also rich in Omega-3, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, EPA and DHA. As a result, this organic food supplement has a host of health benefits, which include: maintaining the health of your cells and tissues and managing your cholesterol levels. It also supports normal blood function and immune system, contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

The Gift: Jack Wyckmans’ best-selling book deals with health, nutrition, and positive thinking as an overall concept. He describes how disease may be prevented and symptoms helped with nutritional therapy.

Jack Wyckmans, who has been involved at a professional level in aesthetics and external beauty for many years, became fascinated with the idea of inner beauty and health as an overall concept. Wyckmans became passionate about nutritional science and therapy and discovered that it may just be possible to prevent illness with the right diet. His respect for nature and life in general encouraged him to look for the core of the health concept and the information he collected is not based on alternative, sometimes questionable accounts, but on scientific studies. The result is an interesting essay covering food, medication, the treatment of disease/disorders and the maintenance of an optimum condition.

Offer runs throughout January 2014 while stocks last. Item added to order at despatch. Limited to one per person. No other offers apply.


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